New Homes

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Donahue Home

2 Story, 4 BD, 3.5 Bath, Office, Formal Dining, and Elevator

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Murraywood Home

This is a new two story home in Johns Island. With 1581 square feet, this cozy farm house has a lot to offer!

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Two Story

With a square footage of 2054, this two story houses 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms!

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Elevated One Story

A one story house on stilts, perfect for flood zone areas!

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Bradshaw 2096

With 2096 square footage, this house has 2 bedrooms with a Jack and Jill and Master Bedroom with a Master Bath.

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Brighton 3 floor home

This 3 floor home has a lot to offer! With 3 bedrooms and a Master Suite, along with many rooms for hobbies, space isn't a problem!

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Collins 2 story home

This 2 story home has 2344 square feet, and even has a guest bedroom!

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Wheaton house

With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a Master Bed and Master Bath, this house is a great for a family and have enough room for all its inhabitants!

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Gadsen 2 story

This two story house is not like others! It features a large garage to hold all your adventurous things. It also has plenty of space, with 5 bedrooms and a whole theater upstairs, next to a loft where you can house all kinds of entertainment.

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Jefferson 1 story house

This cozy house is perfect for small families. It also offers a nice open walk in area that includes the living room and kitchen.

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Kauffman 2 story

This house offers a nice separate master suit, a cozy fireplace, and a pool for cooling off. The other two bedrooms also have their own bathrooms for maximum privacy.

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Love 1 story elevated house

This cozy one story has an elevation that makes it perfect for places near floodzones. This also features a lot of storage space for kayaks and more, while above it houses two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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Pelican 2 floor house

In this home, the first floor features everything for the parents, with the Master Bedroom and Bath, along with a study for whatever you need. Meanwhile, the upstairs houses 3 bedrooms for the kids, or whoever is staying, along with a loft to house any entertainment systems you have.

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Ritter 1 story elevated house

This 1 story house is great for medium sized families who live by the water. With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a Master bedroom along with a Master bath, this house is nice and cozy while also offering the space you need.

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Robinson 2 story home

This house features a large garage and living space on the first floor. On the second floor you can find 3 bedrooms and a Master Bedroom along with a Master Bath.

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Welch 1 story home

This house is perfect for a small family, with a Master Bedroom and Bath, along with another bedroom. It's best feature is the large screened in porch, and its big open living spaces.

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Apostolova 2 Story

This 2 story house is perfect style for a small family! With 4 bedrooms, and two porches, this house has its' own look that completes the aesthetic of the south, or anywhere!

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Bean 2 Story

This house is perfect for a couple of two. It houses one bedroom, and the house is a wide open space, not making it seem too small.

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Cole 3 Story

This house has a lot of room, yet still keeps its aesthetic. Housed inside are 3 bathrooms and bedrooms, along with two living spaces. A Master Bedroom and Bath lay on the top floor, and on the floor below you can find a cozy open space, along with a large back porch for keeping watch on your backyard!

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Potter 1 Story

This house is quite large for its one story. With 2 bedrooms, along with a Master Suite, it's the perfect size for a small family! It also features 3 bathrooms, a large dinning area, and a porch connected to a deck!

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White Street

This house has a cute and small feature, while still having enough room for a small family. The first floor houses a nice open kitchen and living room, with enough windows for a naturistic lighting. On the top floor there is two bedrooms and a Master Bedroom along with a Master Bath.

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  • first floor

Woodhaven 1 Floor on stilts

This pleasant home features a porch in the front and a porch in the back all for your yard watching activities. With 2280 square footage and 2 bedrooms along with a Master, this house is the perfect choice for a small family next to a flood zone.